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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Swiffer Mop Cover 3 after wash

I'm finally sitting down to sort through all my photos and came across this one which got lost in the shuffle. This is my 3rd Swiffer Mop Cover, using my 2nd attempt at modifying it to fit my mop. Hey, it wasn't too bad! It fit nicely after knitting, and here are photos of it after washing ... it still fits! Ok, I think this is the version I will use for knitting covers that fit my mop.

Every mop head varies in size, so your mileage may vary, but here's what I did to knit Mop Cover #3. It is based on Sarah's Swiffer Mop Cover pattern, which didn't fit my mop, so I had to tweak it a bit to get it to fit my mop. You can read about my entire Swiffer mop journey here.

I have to admit that I haven't been using my swiffer mop covers as much as I thought I would in this new house with lots of hardwood flooring. I've found it much quicker to use a broom to sweep up everything into a pile, and then use the little DustBuster to vacuum it all up. Yes, I do own a dust pan, in fact I have several. I find it easier to use the DustBuster to get all the last bits. Am I lazy or what?

You'd probably think I'm nuts if you saw me around the house with my DustBuster. It's often within reach to vacuum up all the crumbs Miss M drops all over the place. I use it several times a day for this purpose, cuz I'm not very good at casting Impedimenta to get her to stop running all over the house with crumbly food in her hands...

I swear that girl chooses her foods for their crumb value. The more crumbly the food, the more likely she'll want to eat it. One of her latest snack foods is Mini Wheats cereal, it leaves lots of bits all over the place.


Recently seen on the license plate of a Lexus in Sunnyvale: ZOMGLOL


1 stitch(es):

hakucho said...

Glad you came up with a swiffer cover that not only fits but looks great too. Dustbusters are a necessity when you have a little crumb maker in the house :)