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Friday, May 25, 2007

Down payment woes

I always thought that the whole making an offer part of buying a house was the most stressful part, but now I see than the loan process is also stressful. Same shishkabob, different texture. Besides what I mentioned here, I later discovered that DH's stocks -- a good chunk of which were going towards the downpayment -- took a 20% dip on Wed when the company made some sort of earnings announcement. Ack!!!!!


I'm not sure what that will mean. Probably less ready cash on hand if we can't get enough of our down payment from the stocks he planned on selling.


Not doing very well in the knitting dept, but I hope to have my Luna Moth Shawl finished this weekend. Hopefully that means an updated photo too. I feel like such a straggler here. You can see everyone else's finished shawls on the Elann Shawl KAL blog.

Despite not knitting much (or knitting very fast), I am itching to buy more yarn. It's not like I need more yarn, I've got plenty. I really need to go on a yarn diet and start stash busting, especially since I should watch my expenditures now that we're buying a house. But why am I always desiring yarn in a weight, fiber, or color that I don't already have?


Lynn from the Monthly Dishcloths KAL sent me birthday greetings which surprised me since I didn't think anybody knew when my birthday was. Did I mention it somewhere? Hmmm. Anyhowz, that was a pleasant surprise from Lynn. Thanks!!!

Bets wrote: Is Tanforan the one with the two story Target?

Yup, that's the one. It was neato mosquito to see the shopping carts go up and down, but the newness has worn off now. I'm not liking how they've remodeled and moved the diapers upstairs (away from the section downstairs where you find soap, shampoo, lotion, etc) cuz that just means I have to walk by the toy section to get there. That's not good with a toddler in tow.

Don't know when you last visited Tanforan. They've remodeled it in somewhat recent years and it is looking much better than the old mall, although I have to say it is still not a very interesting mall and definitely poorly designed in terms of where they've placed their escalators (think casino, you can never find your way out or you have to walk long distances to get there).

G-Girl wrote: once escrow closes, when will you be able to move in??

I'm guessing we get the keys once escrow closes. We won't be able to move in immediately. There's a bit of work (repairs) that needs to be done to the house first. And then DH wants to remodel the bathrooms because they bug him more than they bug me. At least the kitchen doesn't need help... unless we convert to a gas range. Not sure if that is even feasible. We'll need to shop for a fridge, washer and dryer since the property doesn't come with those things. And of course we'll need to clean it up a bit before moving in. Am thinking of knitting a bunch of swiffer mop covers since all of the flooring is wood.

Sarah-Hope wrote: Is your mom a knitter herself?

Nope, she's not a knitter although she might have dabbled in it when she was much younger. I have vague memories of playing with some of her old metal knitting needle which she brought with her from Hong Kong. Can't say I recall ever seeing her knit with them though. She's more of a casual person, so I'm leaning towards that patchwork vest.

TracyKM wrote: It doesn't look as big from the picture. Four bedrooms? Are you going to fill some up with more little ones? LOL.

It's a "cozy" 4 bedroom house at 1800 sq ft. House #2 (picture here), which we lost in the bidding wars, was 2400 sq ft, 5 bed 3 bath. The house we didn't even get a chance to bid on (picture here) was 1550 sq ft, 4 bed 2 bath, definitely way more cozy that I would have liked but it was attractively priced at $888,000.

The downside to DH needing a home office is that we lose one room as a bedroom, so it's really 3 usable bedrooms. One bedroom for us and one for little M. I'm guessing the third room will be the guest room, however it will probably end up being the junk/storage room until (if) we have baby #2. Would love to have baby #2, but I have so many trying days with M that makes me doubt I can handle being pregnant with baby #2 or even managing both of them without going crazy. But then I have to remind myself that millions of other women have done this before...

I don't think DH would like me to turn that 3rd bedroom into a yarn/craft playroom, but I suspect most or all of my stash will go in there.

I didn't know that mercerized cotton wasn't as absorbent. That's good to know!


2 stitch(es):

CatBookMom said...

I don't know where to send you for more information, though I expect Google will help a lot. I found stuff from Suze Ormond and the Realtors Assn with this Google: 'checklists for home buyers'

But you really need a good inspection of the property, and you and DH should go around with the inspector. A disclosure statement may be all right, but there's really IMO no substitute for looking at the place very critically with no furniture to distract you. I don't know what your realtor will be doing in her/his walk-through, but you should go on that one, too.

Also, you will want to be finding out about costs for homeowners' insurance and the separate costs for California earthquake coverages. If you're going to be required to escrow your taxes and insurance along with your principal and interest payments, you need to know what those amounts are.

I apologize if I'm telling you stuff you already know, and I'm sure loan disclosure documents are far better now than they were 15 years ago, but DH and I would say that the extra fees and such were not as clearly stated in the pre-closing documents as 'they' would have you think.

You are a thorough and organized person, and I think you'll feel more comfortable if you personally double-check all of the important parts of the transaction *before* you sit down to sign umpty-leven documents.

junior_goddess said...

I think it would be nice to have a guest room in the third bedroom, because you can hide your yarn under the bed.

I've shopped at Tanforan too (the world is small). When my brother lived over on Silver (his house was the scene of a homicide 3 weeks after he sold it) he went there all the time.

The stock price should inch back up now that the shareholders got their dividends, and hopefull it will be enough.