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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Utopia (218)

Another hat for the Cap Karma Chemo Cap Project. This is my own design. I love how it is a unisex cable hat. Hmm... I guess most cable patterns are unisex, lol. Sorry, no models for the hat, they're all sleeping in the crib right now.

My personal goal is to meet or exceed the previous year's number of hats. This is Cap Karma's 2nd year, and the blog was started in Oct 2006. So I will consider a "year" to begin in October. Hey, who says the year has to start in January?

In Cap Karma's 1st year, I was only able to knit 10 chemo hats, 9 of which went to Cap Karma and 1 went to someone I knew. I'm doing much better this 2nd year, I think it's because M is no longer a newborn and I managed to find a little more knitting time. The hat you see above is hat #18 for this year. I hope to make a few more before the end of September...


4 stitch(es):

Becca said...

Oh, I love this hat! I do hope you'll share the pattern. I think the cables are manly, too! Great job.

hakucho said...

Yet another beautiful hat. I love the cables on this one. Very pretty, but a man would like it just as much as a woman...I love it!!

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Would you be willing to share the pattern?

Anonymous said...

Yet another project to add to my long list - which, incidentally is made up of several of your patterns!
You are an artist - your patterns never cease to delight!