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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dishcloth Family Afghan

I have a new WIM (work in mind) for a sort of Dishcloth Family Afghan. I think this would make a lovely gift. I was actually lying in bed at night thinking through this, believe it or not! It will be an afghan made up of a bunch of dish cloths. I have already picked out a few from Knitting Knonsense. For example, I'll use the "alphabet" dish cloths to spell out the family name. I'll use a couple of the "states" cloths to represent the US states that the family has lived in. I'll use the "paw print" and/or "doggy" cloth to represent the family dog, and the "cat" cloth to represent the two cats. I'll use the "pig" to represent the member of the family with that Chinese zodiac sign, same with the "rooster" and "horse". Well you get the idea.

What I need before starting this WIM is a few themed dish cloths that I don't yet have patterns to. I've searched but haven't found them yet. Here are the themes I'm looking for with examples of possible designs:

COMPUTER - mouse, monitor, etc
TENNIS - racquet, ball, etc
DRAGON - (Chinese zodiac sign)
BALLET - ballet slipper, etc
KNITTING - knitting needles, ball of yarn, etc
CROSS STITCH - (not sure what this would look like, but one member is an avid crossstitcher)
POST OFFICE - letter, stamp, etc

I'm thinking of making this with two different colors, alternating colored squares.

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