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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sock 7 Beginnings

... --- -.-. -.- / --...
Here's the start of Practice Pair #7.

64st 2.75mm

This is my first attempt at a lace sock. It's the stitch pattern from bwt1.219 (blue book), converted for knitting in the round. The nice thing about doing it in the round is not having to work any P2TogB. I know it is hard to see what it looks like on this sock. It's the exact same stitch pattern I used is this washcloth, so the washcloth photo will give you a better idea of what it will look like on the sock. I'm still starting socks from the toe, even though I keep telling myself that I should try starting from the cuff again. I've only started at the cuff that one time (the 1st pair) and I should give it another chance.

I decided to do SRH on this. I can't believe I've actually warmed up to this type of heel, especially after my disastrous first attempt. Back then I thought I would never do it again. It really isn't so bad. I still need practice though cuz after completing the SRH, I found the backside 1 stitch short. Where did this stitch go? Easy fix, just add one and move one.

These pics were taken in crappy nighttime lighting. I've worked most of the leg at this point. I think I'll add another 1 or 2 repeats and then switch to the cuf. I haven't yet decided on the cuff type. It'll either by k1p1 or k2p2; either will work since my total st count is divisible by 4. I'm sorta leaning towards k1p1 to snug it up because the sock is on the loosey goosey side. Which would you choose?

48? 56? 64?

I couldn't decide how many stitches to cast on. There were limitations due to the wide lace pattern repeat (8st). I went with 64st & 2.75mm. It's loose for me, but would prolly fit someone more average sized. I think 56st would have been nice, except that I would end up with 7 repeats and I couldn't evenly divide that into the front side and back side. This meant my other option would be 48st, so I'd have 3 repeats on the front side and 3 repeats on the back side, but I was worried about the sock being too small.

A repeat and a half more. I think this is a good length, time to start the cuff.

I was leaning towards k1p1 earlier but ended up doing k2p2 for the cuff.

I know the sock looks like wet cabbage in all these pics. The pattern will definitely show better on someone with a larger foot/leg. I wonder if the sock will snug up a bit after throwing it into the wash. Maybe I'll use smaller pointy sticks for its mate.

.-.. .. ...- .-. . ...

I took Little Brother with me on my little trip to S County and actually finished it near the end of the trip. I enjoyed reading this book. I think I was a bit optimistic when I packed for the trip: 3 books and 3 knitting projects. Geez, you'd think I'd be able to finish reading the easy reading teen novel quickly to move on to another book! I had brought along Acqua Alta thinking a mystery would be a nice change of pace afterward, plus it is adult fiction. I'm trying to break out of my teen fiction rut. (LB would be the 5th in a row) I actually picked up 4 other Donna Leon mysteries which I later decided not to bring because there really was no hope of reading all 5 mysteries in just a few days. I've read a handful of her mysteries and I love how she describes Venice. I'll have to go there someday.

.... . .- .-.. -.. ... -... ..- .-. --.

While up here, I chipped away on one of my knitting projects and ignored the other two. I also managed to do a little wine tasting. I guess it's been a while since I went north of H'burg, because I discovered that Sbragia has replaced Lake Sonoma Winery at the north end of Dry Creek Rd. Definitely make a stop here, it's up on a hill and you get a nice view from up there. Oh and the wines aren't too shabby either. :-)

This small town has a weekly newspaper. This is the June 25 to July 1 issue. And of course there must be wine related news on the front page.

Downtown H is not too large, just a few blocks. There's a little park (1x1 block square) and some shops/restaurants. I especially liked the antique stores because you never know what sort of neato mosquito things you'll find in them. And of course I ended up in a few bookstores. There is a nice grocery store/deli you must drop by if you're ever in this town. You can pick up sandwiches, pizza, wine, bread, cheese, and lots of other goodies. Once thing I didn't find during this trip to the store was SEEDLESS raspberry preserves. Now that's hard to find when you need a jar to make chocolate G,odiva liqueur raspberry truffles. It's not something you usually find at your average supermarket (well, not at my Safeway). Anyhow, you'll find this store at the SE corner of the park.

I wanted to pick up some postcards while up here to sendto/surprise B in TN. Unfortunately to my surprise, touristy postcards aren't that ubiquitous around here. And I'm pretty sure that I hadn't just tuned them out due to having grown up in a touristy town myself. The N County side of Wine Country here draws a much larger touristy crowd and I'd bet postcards would be easier to find on that side than the S County side. That's what I love about this side, it's less crowded and more laid back. I'll give it another quick looksie as I'm leaving town today. I was really hoping to have picked up a postcard and have it posted while up here.

Time to check out and head out. More pics from my trip next time....

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7 stitch(es):

Jean said...

The socks will look great on a larger foot. I use two 24 inch circular needles, its so much easier for me as I don't drop stitches or lose them while in transit. Your trip thru the wine country looked wonderful, the town sounds charming.

SusanB-knits said...

Nice socks. I would try the smaller needles if the 64st work best for the pattern. I knit a lot of my socks on 2.25mm and 64sts.

Bee Knits said...

Those socks are awesome! And your trip looks nice. I truly hope to make it to Sonoma sometime. What a cute town you visited!

TracyKM said...

PRACTICE? socks? They look great!

hakucho said...

Your socks are beautiful! Isn't it fun converting a stitch pattern for knitting socks in the round? I'm or I should say my foot (and leg) is a 64 stitch, short row heel kind of sock pattern. Seems like it's been foolproof for me so far :)

happy knitting :)

Silvia said...

Please if possible you can put google translator in PORTUGUESE-BRASIL.

pdxknitterati said...

I think by the time you're on sock #7, they're not practice pairs any more! Looks like you're a sock knitter now. Nice!