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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mineraloid Gel


I picked up a little Mineraloid Gel a little while back. Just a few balls, some in my favorite colors and some in colors I normally wouldn't choose, but I was making an effort to break out of my color comfort zone.

Ok, maybe more than just a "few" balls. I couldn't help myself! I just have an for sock yarn. And I wanna knit socks!!!


So what all did I get? Take a look...

Some blues. I really like the darker one and prolly shoulda picked up more.

Some reds. One is very bright; V saw it up close and commented on its retina piercing brightness. I'm currently using this for the socks you saw in progress here. The other is more rust or orange than I like. Perhaps I'll change my mind once it is knitted up.

A green. Green has never been my color, so this will be gift socks to someone.

A light brown. I was thinking it might be a good choice for a guy who doesn't want something too bright or colorful.

I love this fuchsia pink. (I later picked up 1 more)

And my favorite is the purple, hence 3 balls. (I later picked up one more)

Oh, and the 2 balls at the top of the stack is just some Re.gia Stretch.

I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet this year and just shop from stash. So please confirm that sock yarn doesn't count!!! After rough count of all the sock yarn in my stash and knowing that I knit socks at a rate of one pair per month (if I knit nothing else but socks), I am all set in the sock yarn dept for the next 5.5 years. You do the math. Despite this, I still can't help looking though...

I have finished the 3rd bag strap, this one is for the burgundy bag. You can see the knitted handles for the red and black bags plus the fabric liners for all three bags over here. The ball is in V's court now, she will figure out how to attach these to the bags either before or after sewing on the fabric liner.

Pair 4 Sock 1 64st 2.25mm

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I do have one sock finished for Pair 4. It was a hasty finish at the cuff because I just wanted to get it over with. I like the front side. Sorry about the photos, it was not a good marriage of sock & lighting that day.

Not satisfied with how the side looks. I think I'd like the XO motif to move away from the back and more towards the sides.

If you look at the photos of the back heel from the last post, you will see how snug it fits from how stretched out the knitting & cables appear. It was fitting snugly (not in a very bad way) around my leg near the ankles, and as I worked upwards, I decided to add a couple of stitches on the sides to help the top part fit my widening leg. This is why you see this odd cable twist come out of nowhere at the side (near the top). Very sloppily done indeed.

The front cuff section is similar to the mitts. In my haste to finish, I did not put much thought into the back cuff section and it shows.

I have started Sock 2 with 4 extra stitches. As a result of this change, I had to make a minor tweak to the small cable twist on the front side, and I redid the entire back because I did not like the way it was arranged in Sock 1. Slow progress here. I thought I was done with the heel flap, then I discovered I had 35 sts! Where did that extra stitch come from? Oh! Right, I moved 1 st from the instep to the other needle so that I could start that needle with a knit stitch instead of a purl stitch. My bad for not paying attention and moving it back to the instep needle before starting the heel flap. I've just finished reknitting the heel flap and will start the whole heel turn magic and gusset rounds when I have a good chunk of time to devote to it.

V came by and brought this DVD with her. We watched it this afternoon and OMG it was sooooo hilarious!!! It was refreshing to hear humour with clean language.

Here's a pic of her on stage in this performance. She looks great for her 50s. (I think you can see a larger pic by clicking on it)

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16 stitch(es):

Chris said...

Socks are so very addicting. Once you make one pair you can't make enough. Happy sock knitting.

Jean said...

I like your idea that sock yarn doesn't really count towards expanding your stash and second that motion. You are quite the talented knitter. Thanks for sharing your stealth shopping, the colors are great.

maryeb said...

Absolutely not.
Sock yarn does not count as stash :)

I think your socks look great and I didn't see the funny looking cable you mentioned.

hakucho said...

Great variety of colors of sock yarn. Lucky you! You have to have plenty of sock yarn...that's so important :) You are officially addicted to sock knitting now :)

pdxknitterati said...

You are having waaaay too much fun with the sock knitting! Me, too. ;-)


junior_goddess said...

You have sockolio. It's terminal.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Lovely colors you are going to be very busy:)Hugs Darcy

Rachel said...

Nice yarn choices! Perhaps I shouldn't mention (lest I tempt you to break your "stash alone" rule), but you might also like Knitpicks Kettledyed yarns. They're semi-solids that look fabulous with patterns. So far it's one of my favorite sock yarns!

Emerald said...

I love the yarn colors!! Sock yarn doesn't count, so you are just fine. I'll take the green socks if you are looking for a giftee. ;)

Anita O said...

I love sock yarn. I love to buy sock yarn, to own it, and to have the option when I decide on a pair of socks to knit. I'm slow too when it comes to socks, but most of my stash is sock yarn. Yummy.

I like your sock yarn and have a bit of sock yarn envy right now. But that's ok, as long as you give your yarn some extra special attention for me!

Amybel said...

I love the burgundy purse handle. Looks like the one I'm working on. Like minded knitters I guess!

I don't have any sock yarn in my stash, but if it doesn't count then I'm getting some right away!

Renna said...

You are turning into a sock knitting machine! I'll vouch for sock yarn being in a class by itself. It's a groceries! ;-)

Thanks for the video tip. I like comedy, but am offended by so many of today's funny, but so filthy mouthed, comedians. I've added this dvd to my netflix queue.

Anonymous said...

Your XO sock is beautiful! And I love the purple that you bought the most of - it looks like what I call smokey amethyst, which is as close to purple as I ever like! :)

Anonymous said...

Sock stash is NOT stash. Shop away, you have my permission... especially when you get lovely yarn! ;)

Sock 4 is looking pretty awesome. Love the X and Os!

Laura said...

The Opal yarn is lovely and such great colors. I got your link from Ravelry and so I'm commenting....nice blog!

I'm Greeneyes on Ravelry and hope you'll visit my blog.

Cindy G said...

Right now I am experiencing a fairly severe case of Opal envy...