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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Short Pointy Sticks


These are from Michele, from a drawing she had for these lovely pointy sticks. Christi won them but declined, and then I ended up as the next winner. It is such a lovely package. There's even a handmade card too! Thank you Michele! You can see these items on Michele's blog, she takes much better photos. I am looking forward to trying out these 5" Lantern Moon DPNs; I haven't had a chance yet since it's been crazy here lately and I have done very little knitting. These needles will be perfect for socks & mitts.

Michele has her own business cards. How cool is that? The image at the top of the card is the same as her blog banner. Also in her package is a cake keychain, stitch markers, and some lovely fingerling weight yarn in my favorite colors. And the little bear you see is for Missy.


I mentioned starting The Ladies Of Grace Adieu (by Susanna Clarke) earlier. Unfortunately I was just unable to get into it, so I dropped it and started The Historian (byElizabeth Kostova) which is moving along much faster. I'm hoping the book won't be a complete waste of time despite the mixed reviews it has gotten.

Oh good news today. Remember that BBC SciFi series I mentioned in my antepenultimate post, the one I've been wanting to watch for a long time? Well I finally got my hands on Torchwood Season 1 on DVD, from the library of all places (who woulda thunk). Happy happy happy! I managed to catch Graham Norton (hilarious) and Ashes to Ashes (interesting). The Brit version of Life on Mars doesn't appear on Tivo's radar, hoping for reruns before the next Ice Age.

Oh, several people suggested getting a replacement for the broken zipper on the Knit Picks Options bag. I hadn't thought of that before. So I gave them a little call and they're sending me a replacement. Quite painless. I guess I'll give the bag another try when it gets here.


Candyland, Dora the Explorer edition

I had some preconceptions a while back. One of them was that I could get away with never getting anything with Dora the Explorer on it. Ha! What was I thinking? We've got Dora on a small Lego set and on a toddler backpack. And now this board game, Candyland, Dora the Explorer edition. There's just no avoiding it. This is Missy's first board game, and also my first time playing it too. So here's the funny thing. M always chooses to be Boots, Pooh Bear gets to be Dora, and she always chooses Diego for me. However if DH plays, she makes him play as Diego and I get to be Map (she is still Boots). I never had a Candyland board game before (not even the "plain" version) when I was a kid. We'll see how long it takes before she loses the player pieces and deck of cards that comes with the board game...

Lego Duplo

This was Santa's gift to Missy. I think I could pick any random box set (of blocks for her age range) and she'd be perfectly happy with it.

It comes with 79 pieces!



I love how they give you ideas on the box for what you can build with them. However not wanting to keep a collection of boxes, I wish they offered these ideas in a pamphlet inside the box. Well now I have photos to refer to, and I can get rid of the box. It's not like the blocks will ever make it back inside the box again! Now that would be a miracle...

Time to get some rest. I am exhausted and feeling extremely sore from too much weeding. Why are weeds so persistent? Hate weeds... hate them even more than seaming and weaving in ends. Busy weekend ahead. Going to a little girl's bday party. There's a little boy's bday party the following weekend, plus we'll be celebrating Missy's bday the following weekend too with the inlaws. She's getting one of these VTech Kidizoom (kid cameras) because the broken real camera we gave her to play with broke even further (when the protruding lens, stuck in that position, separated from the main body of the camera). She was perfectly happy with the non-fuctioning camera. Anyhow, she will really enjoy her new working kid-friendly camera. Hope she can hold the thing steady. :-)

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15 stitch(es):

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the package you received and I especially love the cake keychain and dpn's ((((Hugs)))) Darcy

Anita O said...

OOhh, that's a very nice prize. Are those rosewood needles? And the yarn is yummy. How nice to include something for Missy!
My daughter used to love Dora. She says she's outgrown it now (she's 6) but we have lots of Dora stuff.

I love the blocks! Those are such kid friendly toys.

Anonymous said...

Back in the olden days, they did include a pamphlet in each set of lego or duplo - not only with photos of the FO, but with step by step (layer by layer?) instructions on how to build it. They probably still do for the more complicated stuff. I can't imagine building the Millenium Falcon out of legos without any guidelines.

I ADORE Doctor Who, and Torchwood. You'll find it is quite addictive.

pdxknitterati said...

Glad everything got there in the correct number of pieces. Enjoy!

We had CandyLand for the kids, pre-Dora. We also had KosherLand, but that's another story!

c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

Your prize is fantastic. I can't wait to see what you create. Ahh children's toys (sigh) so many of them and so much time chasing down the small pieces. =) Have fun with all the cool stuff and going to all the parties

Renna said...

Ah, I envy you the Lantern Moon's. A knitting friend of mine would bring hers to our group night, pulling them out from the dainty little bag, making us all wish we had our own. ;-)

Both my kids loved Lego's when they were younger. Neither of them would ever let me give them away when they outgrew playing with them (not that you ever totally outgrow Lego's!).

Jean said...

The prize package is so darling! What a great prize for you to win, especially since you've started sock knitting. I remember all the toys my boys had with countless pieces that would find their way into every nook and cranny. (I had to giggle at this thought).

Aunt Kathy said...

Ahh Candyland and Chutes and Ladders no childhood is complete without these games. Adam plays Dora Candyland online, can't lose pieces that way LOL

Leeanne said...

Great idea of taking photos of the boxes, better to have a peice of paper than a box taking up space.

Found you on Rav.

Maya said...

I hear you on the characters! Even with absolutely no tv and no movies we still love Thomas and know all his train-friend names too.

Rosie said...

Its a shame you did not get into The Ladies of Grace Adieu, I've read one of Susanna Clarke's books and loved it, and was wondering if her others lived up to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Cindy G said...

What a fun prize!

I sure hear you on the "sore from weeding". Weeds really are worse than loose ends - they keep coming back, darn it.

Marie Wesley said...

That is a nice prize. And The Historian is an interesting book. I picked it up last summer in the airport. Little dry in some places but very captivating once you get into the book.

BeebaBottoms said...

pretty pretty yarn! personally, I prefer circulars and magic loop for socks, but I hope you have tons of fun with your short pointy sticks!

Iron Needles said...

Bon jour, Smariek!

Love the goodies you won. Contests are a fun sidebar to blogs for me.

Also, fyi...I love your scarf designs.