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Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the needles


Pattern: St. Albans Valentine Cable Scarf
Yarn: Elann Highland Wool, red maple
Needles: 5 mm (US8)

Here's what I have on the needles -- my first project using my new Knit Picks Options Interchangeable needles! This scarf is for my SIL, knit on 5mm (US8) needles using Elann Highland Wool yarn (Ravlink here) in Red Maple, which is a gorgeous color in real life. The 5mm (US8) seems so large after knitting on 2.25 mm to 2.75 mm needles for socks & mitts.

Can't seem to get colour to appear true in photos. :-(

There is a wicked cool contest over here. Look at all these goodies you can win! Yarn. Needles. Patterns. And more! Go check it out.

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7 stitch(es):

Unknown said...

Your scarf is looking great. I am going to go check out the pattern in a minute.
We also have a Wii and agree it's soo much fun.
Cool blog.

Aunt Kathy said...

I have that pattern printed out to make, just haven't started it yet. One of my favorites.

Unknown said...

I love that scarf. And it is weird going from size 1 or 2 to a 7 or 8. Feels like you are knitting with giant logs!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Beautiful scarf - loving the X's and O's! Thanks for the shout out on your blog about the WEBS contest!!

Torhild Reidardatter said...

such beatiful work-I nominated you for an award - take a look at my blog and follow directions.

Anonymous said...

That is going to be sooo pretty! I mean to say, its pretty already. I like Elann's wool too. Happy knitting!

Susan said...

I love the cables, so cute with the x's & o's. Great job!