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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Grace's Blogiversary

Grace is having a contest to celebrate her one-year blog anniversary and is giving away lace shawls! So go and sign up and tell her I sent you so I can get a few more entries tossed in the hat.

Her contest made me think about how long I have been blogging. My first blog post was on 6/25/2005. Have I really been blogging for over 2 years? Of course, it hasn't been continuous. There were some off periods when I was just too busy with baby. My knitting time has improved as DD got older, however, I'm currently experiencing another hiatus due to the whole house move business. However I am pleased to announce that we finally have an official move date! It'll be this coming Monday, so I'll be busy between now and then to pack up the rest of the stuff that needs packing, and getting everything ready before the movers arrive. I will be offline for a while, from the time the computer gets packed until whenever we get internet access at the new house.

This will be my first time with professional movers. Do you tip them? If so, how much?

Yay! We finally got shutters at the new house, so we're not going to live in a fishbowl. This is the dining room. Due to the lack of space on the right side, the shutter doesn't open up flat against the wall.

This is the living room. I love how they managed to get shutters in that corner window. I was afraid it couldn't be done.

There is one little problem with the screws at each end of the living room shutters. There wasn't enough room for the screw, so it sticks out. It's normally not a big deal, but with a 2 yr old running around, I am worried about her getting close to the screw and getting a nasty scratch. I need to find some way to cover it up so she doesn't get hurt.


10 stitch(es):

Minty Fresh said...

Did you try using shorter screws? If you measure the length that you need, I'm sure you can get some in the correct size at Home Depot or Lowe's, etc. Good luck!

Lisa W. said...

you also might have someone use a bolt cutter to cut it off flush...or you could use some of those nifty inexpensive point protectors (the pink susanbates ones) and screw them onto the exposed part and then paint over it with the same color trim pain...voila...another design element....happy moving!

Knot Another Knitter said...

That definitely needs to get covered up with your little girl running around. It looks perfect for top of the head bumps. I love the shutters :)

hakucho said...

Good luck with the move. You must be so excited. I love your shutters. Hope you will be very happy in your new home :)

Anonymous said...

OR you could use little wooden cupboard knobs which would scfew straight onto the screws and could look rather pretty!

TracyKM said...

Marretts are used to cover wires where you join them, try that. Or, doh, an acorn nut. No, not a real acorn. There are little nuts that are rounded and closed on one side for covering the ends of protruding screws.
Thanks Dad! LOL.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Lots of good suggestions have covered the ones I was going to make. Enjoy your new house!

Anonymous said...

I tipped my movers. There were 5 of them, and we gave then each $20. The foreman seemed pleased but not shocked, so I guess we were in the right range (for Vancouver).

I had some bottled water for them, too, since they had to carry stuff up the stairs and I felt so sorry for them!


Anonymous said...

Call the company that installed them, and have them remove the tips of the screws.
My husband builds shutters and they would never have left the screws like that.

Ginny said...

I have never tipped movers....