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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cap Karma Hat #2

Here's my second Cap Karma Hat which actually follows the pattern I wrote. ;-) This hat is for the Cap Karma chemo hat project. Yes, we're back to Pooh Bear modelling the hats. I have another Disney bear, an orange one called Ojo (according to the label), no idea where he's from. Anyone know?

The pattern can be found here :


Let's see, here are some things I'm working on :

1. Designing the Claudia Hat (named after a strong woman who survived breast cancer twice(!), among other health issues).
2. Designing a cloth for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Q4 Exchange. Hope my exchange partner will like it.
3. Trying to finish up some knitting for family. This is where I'm making least progress.
4. Looking into making Tom Baker's Doctor Who scarf for a friend. There are so many variations that it is mind-boggling trying to figure out which pattern to use (viz. color & row sequence).


3 stitch(es):

TracyKM said...

Ojo is from "Bear in the Big Blue House" if I remember correctly. Never understood the name.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes S. you sure are cooking with the caps. I have yet to finish my first one! I better get to it.


Manda said...

Usually the season 12 scarf is considered the quintessential Doctor Who scarf though it can be tricky to find one yarn line that has all the colors.

Good luck! I hope to make a season 18 scarf one of these days.